What is Programmable Matter?

Programmable matter is composed of micro-robots, sub-millimeter computers that will eventually have the ability to move around, communicate with other computers, change color, and electrostatically connect to other catoms to form different shapes. 

Programmable matter is a good example of a cybermatics component because it is directly concerned by cyber-physical conjugation. A shape is first described virtually in a computer, cyberized, and then transferred to the matter. The matter can then evolve changing its shape either by moving by itself or following users needs and the cyberized version of the matter must reflect this evolution. The cyberized and the real version of an object are therefore in interaction, if one change the other must reflect this change. This interaction needs two elements. The first one is to find a way to represent the cyberized object using programmable matter and the second is to be able to adapt the matter to the cyberized changes.