The research team(s)

The TUB team

The chair of “Optoelectronics and Quantum Devices” at the TU Berlin focuses on the development and experimental study of nanophotonics structures and devices. Led by Prof. S. Reitzenstein the research covers a broad range of topics including the epitaxial growth of semiconductor heterostructures, the deterministic processing of quantum devices, and the quantum optical study of key building blocks for quantum information technology. Furthermore and relevant to the present project, the group has also profound expertise in the external quantum control of nanophotonics systems.


The FEMTO-ST steam

The FEMTO-ST Institute is a joint research institution, with a broad field of expertise, including nonlinear optics and complex photonics, nano science and robotics. It is at the forefront of Neuromorphic Computation implemented in electro-optical and all optical systems and in 3D integration of photonic waveguide systems.

The principle investigator is Daniel Brunner, the PostDoc is Xavier Porte and the PhD student Adria Grabulosa.