Partner 1: FEMTO-ST (Research Institute)  

FEMTO-ST is a joint research institute which is affiliated to four representative entities: CNRS, UFC, ENSMM and UTBM. FEMTO-ST hires more than 700 employees (among biggest French laboratories in engineering sciences) involved in different fields of engineering science. It is organized according to 7 research departments and runs a microfabrication technology center, which is recognized nation-wide. Among them, the AS2M department (Automatic Control and Micro-Mechatronic Systems), will be involved within COLAMIR. AS2M is one of largest team involved in the fields of microrobotics, micromechatronics and control especially for micro-assembly in Europe and in the world. It has a strong experience in European and ANR projects management and involvement, and obtained several international prizes. FEMTO-ST and ISIR are the 2 coordinators of the Micro-Robotex (national excellence platform of CNRS for micro and nano-robotics).

Key persons involved:

  • Joel AGNUS,
  • Mélissa BLOT,
  • Cédric CLEVY, principal investigator of the project,
  • Redwan DAHMOUCHE, 
  • Michael GAUTHIER,
  • Guillaume LAURENT,
  • Olivier LEHMANN,
  • Philippe LUTZ, WP2 Leader,
  • Patrick ROUGEOT,
  • Hamdi SAADANA,
  • Bhawnath TIWARI.

Partner 2: Percipio-Robotics (Company)                                        

Percipio Robotics S.A. is a spin-off from the world known Femto-ST Institute (the greatest research team in microrobotics). With a large know-how and expertise on robotic micromanipulation and microassembly, and some innovative technology on this field, our activity as robotic designers and subcontractor enables the use of this technology in industrial and research applications. We are supported by numerous agency and organisms to speed up innovation (Research Tax Refund, Young Innovative company status, Innovative funding from OSEO). Then we are able to bring you the best of the technology at the best cost. Created in February 2011, Percipio Robotics S.A. is already working with many customers on robot design, assembly subcontracting, micro device fabrication. We are also involved in research projects with industrial and academic partners, to go forward on the path to innovation.

Key persons involved:

  • Margot BILLOT,
  • Anne DELETTRE, WP3 & 5 leader,
  • David HERIBAN,
  • Marie LUTRINGER,
  • Florent PERROCHEAU,
  • Charlotte QUESNEL,
  • Stéphane DAVID.

Partner 3: ISIR (Research Institute)                            

The Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique (ISIR/UPMC) is hosted by the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) and associated to the CNRS. Today, ISIR/UPMC is a major research unit and a major player in the engineering teaching and research department (so -called UFR) of UPMC. UPMC/ISIR is a multidisciplinary laboratory with activities in complex mechanical systems, systems and control, and signal and image processing. UPMC/ISIR hosts four divisions, among them, the Micro & Nano robotics Group will be involved in COLAMIR. The team is specialized in manipulation and characterization techniques at nanoscale and develops specific scientific instruments for measurement, analysis, assembly and characterization, as well as associated human interfaces. The group also hosts the CNRS National Nanorobotics platform and dispose of several in-house developed advanced nano manipulation and characterization instruments based on scanning electron microscopy, digital holographic microscopy and optical tweezers.

Key persons involved:

  • Ahmad AWDE,
  • Mokrane BOUDAOUD,
  • Georges DAHER,
  • Thomas DAUNIZEAU,
  • Sinan HALIYO, WP4 leader,
  • Stéphane REGNIER,
  • Sofia SAKR.

Partner 4: Aurea-Technology (company)                                                    

Aurea Technology designs and manufactures high performance and easy-to-use Single Photon Counting Modules and Photonics systems that enable worldwide scientists and engineers to measure and analyse very low light level down to a single photon. In recognition of its Research and Development efforts and its innovative products marketed, AUREA Technology obtained: (1) a research program funded by OSEO following the national competition for innovative technologies (2011), (2) the status of Young Innovative Company "JEI" by the French Ministry of Research (2011), (3) « Photon de Bronze » in 2012 , this price is delivered by AFOP (Association Française des Professionnels de l’Optique) for the most innovative realizations in photonics and (4) the CLEO awards (Optical Society of America award) in 2014 and 2015 for the most innovative products presented at CLEO laser exhibition at San José (USA).

Key persons involved:

  • Johann CUSSEY, WP1 Leader,
  • Mélanie MACIOCE,
  • Frédéric PATOIS.