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DAST project proposes to develop an plateform for Dynamic Security Test generation driven by models.

In complement of the mature techniques of static analysis of code for the security (as “Vulnerability Analysis”), it is a question of offering to the engineers of security testing a tools capturing the models of vulnerability testing and gearing down the capacity of these engineers to be tested effectively and quickly critical applications.

This approach of the test of security directed by the models will make it possible to systematize the dynamic test of security of the applications, which constitute one of the weak links of the security chain of the software. In the market strong growth of the tools for security testing, the results of DAST project will make it possible to position a leader offer in the field of the dynamic application  security testing. It still little developed and structured and where the catch appropriatenesses of market shares are strong.

DAST project will provide on the one hand an infrastructure allowing the exploitation of the patterns for vulnerability testing used by test generation, and on the other hand for a Vertical Trade, as an instanciatio of the infrastructure on two fields at strong market potential:

  • the applications Web/E-Trade on mobile terminals and connected;
  • systems of the C2 type - Control - such as those used for the air monitoring.