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While photonics is emerging as an attractive alternative to electronics in high bit rate telecommunication systems, sensors or signal processing devices, there is a need of specific 3D photonic architectures that cannot be easily engineered by clean-room processes.

As an example, detection applications would benefit from thin-plate-based polarization controllers, or from photonic waveguides in non-standard electro-optic materials. But the production and integration of these building blocks is far from being trivial.

The CEPAGE project addresses this issue by proposing two innovative approaches :
- The first one relies on the development of technologies enabling the machining of "exotic" substrates for the production of innovative electro-photonic waveguides and resonators.
- The second innovation relies on the dynamic assembling of photonic building blocks (waveguides, resonators) for the development of new 3D hybrid photonic circuits. Two industrial applications will be developed: a compact electromagnetic sensor and an on-chip gyroscope.

The CEPAGE project involves complementary well-established expertise in the fields of sensors, micro-robotics, photonics, technologies and optical systems. FEMTO-st, kYLia, Femto-engineering, iXBlue Photonic Solution Division, Kapteos are dealing with this project together.

Artistic view of a hybrid Photonic Integrated Circuit integrating resonators, multilayers and polarisation control