The Optics Department has a well-established expertise in metamaterials & metallo-dielectrics, integrated optics, LiNbO3 technologies and characterization of photonic systems. The AS2M department is recognized internationally for its expertise in micro-robotics, for the micro-manipulating and micro-assembling of micrometric objects in remotely-operated or robotic mode (dexterous or force-referenced).

The FEMTO-ST institute also benefits from the MIMENTO technological platform’s facilities (RENATECH Network).

kYLia is a company specialized in micro-optics, and especially in the free-space active assembling of optical components for telecommunication or aerospace systems. Kylia has expertise in ultra-precise assembly of millimetric or submillimetric optical elements on glass breadboards, using 6D positioning with simultaneous spectral measurements.

Femto-Engineering is a partnership foundation for technology transfer in 6 areas of innovation, including Optics and Clean room microtechnologies.

Kapetos is a provider of optical solutions for electromagnetic field and temperature measurements in harsh environments. The currently available electro-optical probes are based on bulk EO crystals.

iXBlue Photonic Solution Division (former Photline) is a provider of LiNbO3 integrated optical components, Fiber Optic Gyroscopes and electro-optical modulators.

This project is funded by the “ANR” agency under the grant named “CEPAGE”, contract #ANR-16-CE24-0024-01.