Peer-reviewed papers

Optics Letters
Voltage-induced waveguides in lithium niobate films on silicon substrates
M. Chauvet, P. Thoa and F. Bassignot
Optics Letters Vol. 42, No. 6 / March 15 2017

Journal of Lightwave Technology
- High-Aspect-Ratio LiNbO3 ridge waveguide with vertical buffer layer and enhanced electro-optical efficiency
A. Caspar, M. Roussey, M. Häyrinen, J. Laukkanen, A. Pérignon, F. Behague, V. Calero, G. Ulliac, M.-P. Bernal, M. Kuittinen and N. Courjal
DOI : 10.1109/JLT.2018.2799995
Open access :

Optics Letters - Simple production of membrane-based LiNbO3 micro-modulators with integrated tapers
N. Courjal, A. Caspar, V. Calero, G. Ulliac, M. Suarez, C. Guyot and M.-P. Bernal
Optics Letters, 41(21), 5110-5113 (2017)

International Conferences

Frontiers in Optics/Laser Science Conference (FiO/LS) Washington
, USA, paper 3014254, Sept. 2018 - Low-loss BSO photonic waveguides
F Behague, F. Bassignot, L, Gauthier-Manuel, A. Caspar, V. Calero Vila, F. Baida, M.-P. Bernal and N. Courjal

Nanophotonic Materials XV, SPIE Optics + Photonics San Diego, USA, paper 10720-35, Aug. 2018 - A new technique for producing low-loss BSO waveguides
F. Behague, F. Bassignot, L. Gauthier-Manuel, V. Calero Vila, F. Baida, M.-P. Bernal-Artajona and N. Courjal

Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics Zurich, Switzerland,
paper ITh2J.4, July 2018 - Dynamic micro-assembly of LiNbO3 microresonators with low-loss suspended waveguides
A. Caspar, C. Eustache, F. Behague, V. Calero, R. Salut, J.-Y. Rauch, O. Lehmann, M. Suarez, M.-P. Bernal, P. Lutz, C.Clévy and N. Courjal

SPIE Photonics Europe Strasbourg, France
paper 10683 -15, Mar. 2018 - LiNbO3 integrated microdisk resonator fabricated by optical grade dicing and dynamic roboticpositioning
A. Caspar, F. Behague, V. Calero, B. Robert, M. Suarez, J.-Y. Rauch, O. Lehman, R. Salut, M.-P. Bernal, C. Clevy, P.Lutz and N. Courjal

MNE Braga 2017, Portugal
, paper OC113, Sept. 2017 - Mechanical production of thin electro-optical membranes, in MNE international conference on micro and nanoengineering
N. Courjal,
F. Behague, A. Caspar, L. Gauthier-Manuel, A. Pérignon, V. Calero, G. Ulliac, Miguel Suarez and M.-P. Bernal

CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2017, Munich, Germany, paper CE23, Jun. 2017 - High-aspect-ratio Electro-Optical ridge waveguide made by precise dicing and Atomic Layer deposition
A. Caspar, G. Ulliac, M. Suarez, V. Calero, M.-P. Bernal, N. Courjal, M. Roussey, M. Häyrinen, J. Laukkanen, S. Honkanen, and M. Kuittinen

CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2017, Munich, Germany, paper CE26, Jun. 2017 - Optical-Coherence-Tomography characterization of free standing electro-optical micro and nanostructures
F. Behague, A. Caspar, G. Ulliac, M. Suarez, V. Calero, M.-P. Bernal, and N. Courjal

National Conferences

GDR 0ndes 2017 – Assemblée Générale/ Nice
, France, Page GT7-22, 2017 - Assemblage ultra-précis d’un microdisque LiNbO3 avec un guide électro-optique
A. Caspar, J.-Y.-Rauch, O. Lehmann,M. Suarez, C. Clévy, P. Lutz, R. Salut, F. Behague and N. Courjal

JNOG 2017 - Journées Nationales de l'Optique Guidée/ Limoges, France, Pages ID: 156 / JNOG O6:4, 2017 - Fabrication mécanique de membranes électro-optiques ultra-fines
L. Gauthier-Manuel, A. Caspar, F. Behague, A. Perignon, V. Calero, G. Ulliac, M. Suarez, M.-P. Bernal and N. Courjal

Book Chapter

InTechOpen Book Chapter
(soumis, revisions mineures ISBN 978-953-51-5998-8) - Lithium niobate optical waveguides and microwaveguides
N. Courjal, M.-P. Bernal, A. Caspar, G. Ulliac, F. Bassignot, L. Gauthier-Manuel, M. Suarez