LINKS Consortium

FEMTO-ST Institute (Besançon) is one of the biggest and most competitive French laboratories in engineering

sciences. Technological platform MIMENTO of FEMTO-ST, dedicated to micro-fabrication of acoustic and optic

components with long-years expertise on LN manufacturing including thin film growth, is one of the biggest

clean rooms in France (network RTB). FEMTO-ST will be in charge of chemical engineering and synthesis LN

films by DLI-CVD, characterization of structural and physical properties (electrical and acoustical) of thin films,

and microfabrication and characterization of acoustic devices. Contributing researchers: A. Bartasyte (expertise

in PIMOCVD, LiNbO3 thin films synthesis & characterization), S. Margueron (spectrocopic and optical

characterization), W. Daniau (acoustic simulations and characterization).

C2PM (Villeurbanne) ( The major focus of the research at the C2P2 is on

the use of fundamental chemistry, catalysis, and chemical engineering to enhance the ability to produce

inorganic and composite materials, and to propose the processes used for this purpose. The field of research of

Pr. S. Daniele concerns the design of inorganic molecular precursor and their transformation in (hybrid) nanoobjects

by liquid and gas-phase soft chemical routes (sol-gel, MOCVD, ALD, CBVD). C2PM will be in charge of

molecular engineering and mechanistic study of innovative metalorganic precursors of Li, Nb, Ta for DLI-CVD.

Annealsys (Montpellier) Since its founding in 2004, Annealsys is a worldwide specialist in the design and

manufacturing of Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) equipment for

Research and Development, Quality Control and ‘niche market’ applications. Their RTA/RTP systems cover a

wide range of applications and Annealsys already showed the advantage of Direct Liquid Injection CVD

techniques for the synthesis of hetero-metallic oxide materials. DLI allows a high level of vapour flow control

for transition metals, alkaline and alkaline-earth element precursors even for those which have low vapour

pressure properties. J.M. Decams (DLI-CVD process design and control). Annealsys will be in charge of

development of DLI-CVD systems, support in development of thin film growth process and its control).