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December 4 2017
Daniel Hissel received the Blondel Medal

Prof. Daniel Hissel, project member, was awarded with the SEE André Blondel Medal, for his numerous and outstanding scientific contributions in the field of Fuel Cell systems

Daniel receives the André Blondel medal

February 2017, high impact publication:

Publication of the fastest photonic brain


Published in Physical Review X; Selected for a Physics Viewpoint by APS (there are 100 such selected articles among the 18,000 published every year by the American Physical Society); Also selected for the Research Highlights in Nature

Highlights in...

, Physics Viewpoint (1% selection)

... And selected as a Research Highlight in

Illustration for time-space transposed processing of delay-based Reservoir Computing;
Schematic of the photonic setup.

The concept of delay-based photonic brain-inspired processing, implemented with electro-optic phase modulators

May 18th -21st 2016, international workshop:

"BEYOND! von Neumann bottleneck - Brain Inspired Computing", Max Planck Institute, Berlin, Germany

An international workshop at Max Planck conference center in Berlin, Harnack House, jointly organized by the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics (Prof. Stuart Parkin) in Halle, and the FEMTO-ST Institute (Dr. Daniel Brunner) in Besançon.

November 2-3 2015, international workshop:

"Dynamical systems and brain-inspired information processing", Besançon, France

The third edition of an international workshop focused on Reservoir Computing, however also strongly open onto side research activities. It is jointly organized by the LMB (Dr. Juan-Pablo Ortega and Dr. Lyudmila Grigoryeva) and FEMTO-ST (Prof. Laurent Larger) in Besançon.