Internship at Institut Néel - Master 2 - 2015-2016


Research project and approaches:

The internship will be devoted to the combined high resolution structural and vibrational investigation of a novel material, a 2D nanoporous carbon backbone enclosing high atomic number transition metal atoms (see Figure), by scanning tunneling microscopy and Raman spectroscopy respectively. The nanoporous networks will be implemented into actual micrometer-scale devices in which they will be contacted to conducting electrodes. The goal is to correlate fine information about the structure, the phonon spectrum, and the electronic transport properties, eventually on a single device. With the help of first principle and tight binding calculations performed at the laboratory, the conductive state and its robustness will be rationalized in terms of the local structure and of the influence of defects. This exploration is expected to provide first signatures of a topological insulator behavior in an organic material.

Interactions and collaborations:

The internship will be performed in the framework of a starting national-scale project (recently funded by the French National Research Agency – ANR) involving several researchers at Institut Néel, at Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux (Strasbourg), and at Institut FEMTO-ST (Besançon), which provides the organic materials.

A PhD thesis (grant available) is planned in the continuity of the internship 



The candidate should have strong background in solid-state physics, a clear inclination towards experimental work, and communication skills allowing her/him for interacting effectively with the various actors of the project.

Foreseen starting date: March 2016 

Contact : Johann Coraux

Institut Néel - CNRS :

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