ADAPT Consortium

The ADAPT consortium has 3 partners: FEMTO-ST, Inria Spirals and Verimag.

Within FEMTO-ST, O. Kouchnarenko and F. Dadeau collaborate on automated test generation for component-based systems, and will contribute to formal modeling and validation by model-based testing. B. Piranda and F. Lassabe have been working for almost 10 years on MR development, subsequent distributed algorithms, on their simulation within VisibleSim, and experimental validation by programming real BBs.

Within Inria/Spirals, S. Bliudze (site leader), S. Cerf, A. Luxey, D. Romero and L. Seinturier contribute to the modelling and implementation of scalable control and adaptation mechanisms for MR based on aggregated information. S. Bliudze has experience in component-based modelling and hybrid discrete/continuous semantics, S. Cerf has experience in the application of control theory for joint optimisation of energy consumption and performance of software systems, D. Romero will focus on the evaluation of the software impact on energy consumption, L. Seinturier will contribute expertise in component architectures for dynamical software adaptation, and A. Luxey in the programming of resilient distributed systems.

Within Verimag, M. Bozga (site leader), T. Dang, and R. Iosif will contribute to developing theory and tools for scalable software verification, and to supporting correct-by-construction component integration. M. Bozga has experience in formal methods and component-based system design, T. Dang has experience in modeling, simulation and validation of hybrid systems, R. Iosif has experience in modeling and verification of parameterized reconfigurable systems. They will contribute to ADAPT, with a focus on hybrid aspects for MRs modelling and adaptation validation.

ADAPT Kick-off picture