Welcome to ADAPT!

ADAPT: Adapt hierarchical component-based systems dynamically

The project’s objective is to develop a formal framework and tools that support hierarchical modeling of self-adaptive systems and integrate adaptive control to allow dynamic reconfigurations. To this end, we intend to

  1. Extend component-based models with hierarchical motifs (obj. 1) to allow specifying modular robots (MRs) functions and constraints on resources;
  2. Define appropriate control mechanisms (obj. 2), based on hierarchical control motifs, for adapting and reconfiguring hierarchies of motifs, utilising aggregate measures over components;
  3. Implement control mechanisms (obj. 3) over extended component-based models; and use them to
  4. Simulate and validate adaptations, before deploying them (obj. 4) on the real MRs, such as Blinky Blocks (BBs).
ADAPT is an ANR 2023 project: Grant ANR-23-CE25-0004