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The Project

This is the MIniature Trapped Ion Clock on a Chip (MITICC) project homepage.

This project unites the Time and Frequency (TF) and Micro Nano Science and Systems (MN2S) departments of  the FEMTO-ST institute. We are constructing a compact optical atomic clock based on trapped, ultra-cold Yb+ ions. The miniature ion trap will rely on micro-fabrication techniques that are well mastered at FEMTO-ST. The objective is to reach the 10-14 short-term stability range in a total volume of order 100 L.


This project is funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) under grant ANR-14-CE26-0031-01-MITICC.

We also aknowledge financial support from the CNES, the FIRST-TF Labex and Région Franche-Comté.