VisibleSim Simulator

VisibleSim is a simulator of networked modular robots. Each module is able to compute programs, communicate with its neighbors. It can admit several sensors and actuators.

Many kinds of robots can be used in VisibleSim, each type is associated to a geometry and specific capabilities.

Every robot can communicate with their neighbors (the number of neighbors depends on the type of robots, from 4 for Smart Block to 12 for 3D catoms.

Depending on the type of robots, they can change their color, make music or detect a tap (Blinky Blocks), slide on the floor, or convey small objects (Smart Blocks) or slide along a neighbor face (Robot Block).

All these smart robots are linked to a program (called block-code), it defines the actions the robot will execute when it receives an event from its sensors.

A classical distributed program written in CodeBloc consists in:

  • At start, each robot runs the startup function that initializes internal variables and sends a message to neighbors for a subset of modules.
  • When a message arrives to a module, it run a associated function that update internal variables and eventually send messages to neighbors.

The simulation will finish when all messages will be consumed.

Several examples block code are proposed at:

The several versions

VisibleSim exists in two versions: an offline compilable code and an online web version: