Vernier library downloads

C++ library

The library is available as a precompiled DLL that relies on a very low number of third party libraries which are:


Vernier Library - 0.294

Release date : 11/26/21

Binaries: Vernier_0294

Vernier Library - 0.263

Release date : 05/01/2021

Binaries: Vernier_0263

Documentation: Vernier_0263 docs

Data set used

Comparison between Vernier method and standard PnP pose estimation method (OpenCV)

This simulation aims to compare the performance of proposed method with a classic Perspective-n-Point (PnP) pose estimation. The pose of the circular grid is estimated via the PnP pose estimation algorithm implemented in OpenCV for circle grids

More information on OpenCV's method available here

Data set documentation is available here and compressed files here