Vernier library documentation


The full documentation of the library is available here:

A cheat sheet is also available here : vernierCheatSheet

Quick installation guide

Using Visual Studio, the library is easy to install and needs the following things:

  1. Add the different includes directory to the include path of the project.
    • Vernier/include
    • Vernier/3rdparty
    • Vernier/3rdparty/eigen-eigen
    • Vernier/3rdparty/opencv/include
    • Vernier/3rdparty/fftw
  2. Depending of the chosen version of Vernier library, add USE_OPENCV and/or USE_FFTW for the preprocessor definitions.
  3. Add the Vernier/bin directory to the linker path of the project.
    • Depending on the chosen version, also add the Vernier/3rdparty/fftw and Vernier/3rdparty/opencv to the linker
  4. Add the vernier_xxx.lib to the linked libraries.
    • Depending on the chosen version, also add fftw3-3.lib and opencv_world411.lib to the linked libraries
  5. Don't forget to put the vernier_xxx.dll (along with the opencv_world411.dll and libfftw3-3.dll) with the executable file.


How to use the precompiled functions both in Matlab and Simulink.